Former federal judge Marvin Shoob dies at age 94

10:07 pm Jun. 12, 2017

Marvin Shoob, the embodiment of an independent federal judiciary and a jurist who consistently protected the powerless and disadvantaged, died Monday at his home in Atlanta. He was 94.

Shoob retired in February 2016 as a

Justin Chapman settles lawsuit against his former lawyer

3:41 pm Jun. 9, 2017

Justin Chapman, who spent years in prison after being wrongly convicted of murder and arson, has settled his legal malpractice lawsuit against his former appellate lawyer.

The confidential settlement ends the litigation against Atlanta attorney Fenn

Lawyer shows up seven minutes late, judge starts without him

9:12 am May. 1, 2017

The entire federal appeals court in Atlanta was in unanimous agreement that a criminal defense attorney’s seven-minute absence from the courtroom violated Alexander Roy’s constitutional right to counsel.

But in a recent 8-3 decision, with a